Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well! I thought I would give you a little update for this weeks post! This week went from 0-100 real quick! I went from having practically no plans to then having a big old busy week. For those who don’t know I work as a full time professional dancer! I never mention it on my blog as I prefer to keep the two worlds separate. However, I like the idea of incorporating it through the “Lifestyle” category of my blog! Let me know what u think!

So this week took a different direction on Sunday evening where I had an audition for The Brits. A half an hour audition led me to booking the job! I have done The Brits before but this job was different, I was one of 10 dancers which is quite rare for The Brits. Also, I was going to be dancing for Kendrick Lamar!!! I don’t really know much about rap music as I’m not huge fan, but I know enough understand that Kendrick is BIG in the industry. We went straight into rehearsals that night and for the next couple of days. The choreography was by an American choreographer who definitely put us through our paces which was amazing! Learnt so much in the space of 3 days! She was so incredible to work with.

When it came to the day of The Brits it was manic which was to be expected! Singers, musicians, dancers and crew running around everywhere! After a successful dress rehearsal it was time to do the show! Before every performance, no matter what it is, I am always a bag of nerves! But I think nerves are a good thing, it means I still care. My nerves were on an even higher level tonight because like I said earlier instead of being 1 of 30, I was 1 of 10! So yeah, literally no where to hide! The performance ended up going really well and it is definitely up there with my favourite performances!

Once we had performed I took my tired little butt home to sleeeeeep! I am such a granny when it comes to going out these days so it was no after party for me! I think the weather plays a massive part in motivating me to go out. Like atm I’d rather be chilling in bed watching American Horror Story than going out!

Anyways! That was the highlight of my week. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Lots of love!

Ashleigh xoxo


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