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I would love to say a big old yes to the question of this post but the way the weather is at the moment I don’t think I can. We have had a week of ugly weather, it was too cold to even function.

When shooting this outfit I was literally freezing my booty off! You would think, with it being March, that we would be getting some warmer weather climates! NOPE, we got snow instead!

Fur coats literally got me through the winter seasons. They were lifesavers, but I was really looking forward to wearing a lighter outerwear option. I’m honestly so tired of layering now, I’m over it haha. It looks like I will be wrapping up for a couple more weeks!

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well! I thought I would give you a little update for this weeks post! This week went from 0-100 real quick! I went from having practically no plans to then having a big old busy week. For those who don’t know I work as a full time professional dancer! I never mention it on my blog as I prefer to keep the two worlds separate. However, I like the idea of incorporating it through the “Lifestyle” category of my blog! Let me know what u think!

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how to find your personal style

Finding your personal style can be very overwhelming at times, especially when you are trying to keep up with all the latest trends. Have you ever had one of those moments when you create a banging outfit in your head, go to try it on, look in the mirror and think “what the hell was I thinking”? Yup, me to! In fact, I have been there many times before and it still happens to me quite regularly. In a way, I think its a good thing. It means your pushing yourself to explore new options with the way you dress even if you do end up looking like a clown. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut when styling ourselves which makes us gravitate to our “safe” outfits more than we probably should. Now, I am no expert but I have come up with a few ways to find your own style and make you feel good/confident in the outfits you wear. View Post

So ladies, we have just hit the month of February which has come around so quickly. Valentines Day is rapidly approaching which means it is time to get outfit planning for those dates with bae! My boyfriend is going to be in LA on Valentines Day (YES I am jealous), but I have come up with a few Valentines Day outfit ideas for different occasions.

Out for Dinner

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