I love having days off work! I am not the kind of person to pack my time off with various outdoor activities or even socialising with friends (as bad as that sounds). Don't get me wrong, I do love a good catch with friends over lunch/dinner if I have a couple of days off work, but if I only have one day then I like take the opportunity to make it a lazy one! I have gathered some examples of what I like to do when I have absolutely nothing going on!

Breakfast In Bed
day off work

Having breakfast in bed is something I really enjoy, although it isn't as glamorous as it sounds because I am normally have to make it for myself creating a mess in the kitchen. I wake up at around 10am and then head straight to the kitchen for some breakfast which would normally be something quick and easy like cereal or a bagel. Once I have made my breakfast I head straight back to bed and stuff my face whilst replying to messages/emails and checking good old social media! 

Catching Up On Youtube Videos
day off work
I can honestly say I can pretty much watch youtube videos all day. I love catching up with the latest uploads from my favourite beauty gurus and vloggers. There are so many videos out there that can swamp you in for hours. I am really into moving vlogs at the moment. I love seeing how people get settled into their fancy new houses/apartments. I am also enjoying all the controversial KKW Beauty reviews that are happening especially Jackie Aina's who is in the picture above. Some of my go to youtubers at the moment are Sophia and Cinzia, Emma Hill and Jackie Aina.

Internet Shopping
missguided wishlist
1- HERE, 2 - HERE, 3 - HERE, 4 - HERE, 5 - HERE, 6 - HERE

Days off can be very naughty for my bank account. Above is a wish list I created on Missguided as I was aimlessly browsing. I enjoy going onto my favourite online stores and filling up my wish lists with various pieces. It is a dangerous time waster as I always end up purchasing something which is exactly what happened today! I purchased the polka dot wrap top in the end! I am so obssessed with number 4, the oversizeed borg trucker jacket and I am hoping Missguided come out with a discount code real soon so I can snap that up!

day off work

Days off are the perfect time for eating whatever the hell you want, unless of course you're on a diet then that sucks! Pizza is probably my favourite food ever, especially Dominos pepperoni passion omg! I would also normally snack on jaffa cakes, chocolate, chips and dip and sweets...nothing healthy of course!

I signed up for Netflix about 2 years ago and have never regretted it. I love binge watching a series and there are so many along with movies to choose from. I really enjoy the Netflix originals and I've recently started watching Ozark from all the hype my boyfriend was giving it. So far its a bit slow but I am sure it will pick up a lot more. Ive also been addicted to Power which is also really good!

Thats pretty much all I do on my day off work and wouldn't have it any other way! I love being able to do absolutely nothing and just relax. Let me know what you like to do on your day off :)

xoxo Ashleigh