Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Zara (old)

Hey people its been a while. I am so rubbish when it comes to be consistent with my blog but I have now decided to take it more seriously! I enjoy it so much so I thought why not put my heart and soul into it (cheesy but true) and see where it takes me! I get so much inspiration from reading other peoples blogs, and I hope that one day my blog will do the same for others. I plan on incorporating more beauty, lifestyle and travel aspects to my blog for a wider range of content for people. 

I shot with a photographer for this look which was a fun experience. It was nice working with someone who knew what the were talking about and meant I didn't have to boss my mum or cousin around :P. Lemme know what you guys think!

Ashleigh xoxo